Rowing an Uncoxed Two

Rowing with just one more person has several advantages: You need much less time to set up your boat (which may take quite a while when there’s about twenty people waiting to be assigned to one of the four coxed fours), and you have only one person to adjust your speed to. Rowing with a diverse team makes this rather complicated: Some want to really exhaust themselves after a long day at work, others suffer from backache and would rather prefer as little strain as possible. In addition, there’s always the question who wants to be the cox. Usually, this is a job nobody wants to do; so usually, we change seats in the middle (which is quite an experience in itself).

With two people, things are a lot more pleasant, especially if your partner is someone who loves exercise 🙂 I rowed with a clubmate who is quite tall and who therefore appreciates my rather long stroke. Although we were only two, we did not need so much more time than the “old” regatta boat (okay, their age average is over 60) and had a really nice training session in our wooden gig boat! The clubmate I was with started rowing one year after me. Of course, his technique still needs some refinement (as does mine), but altogether, he is doing really well, especially because he has a strong stroke (which can compensate for minor technical shortcomings ;)). Surprisingly, I was much less handicapped from my morning run than I had thought I would. (The exhaustion came one day later, though …)

Altogether, our 9k thus went really well, and I think this was not the last time we rowed together! 🙂

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