Forest Runs (And What Comes Afterwards)

Last weekend, I had a wonderful long run with my beloved one (he had to stop about one kilometer earlier due to problems with his achilles tendon, which is really his, well, achilles heel; but nevertheless, we were happy that we could run for such a long time together, and he didn’t mind walking the last kilometer while I speeded up towards the finish 🙂

After this wonderful experience, we wanted to try again today, but we were out of luck when after about five hundred meters the pains in his tendon announced themselves. So unfortunately, I had to run alone 😩 I was not at the height of my form (maybe still a little exhausted from the double unit on Thursday), but picked up my courage despite the tough start. Temperatures are getting pretty low again by now (well, for my standards); my knees were cold and red, and next time I’ll certainly take my Capri pants! But I really love running in the forest. We now found a really nice trail which allows for much variation, with still many offside tracks to be explored and discovered. Whereas we had run 10k last Sunday, I was perfectly satisfied with seven today. One reason was that I was starving, not having had any breakfast except for two coffees in the sun. So the fact that my fiancĂ© was almost finished showering already by the time I got home had a huge advantage: He was ready to get lunch for us! :9 For me, this meant a delicious Pizza Quattro Formaggi, generously drowned in cheese. I had been fantasizing about hearty and delicious molten cheese while on my way, and so the cheese pizza was the perfect lunch, which I enjoyed very much. Altogether, a great run! 🙂

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