Morning Run

I rather exercise in the evening, but I’m getting the feeling that running in the morning might give you a good start into the day. When I get home in the evening after a long work day, I’m having a hard time pulling myself up to go for a run, despite my best intentions. (Rowing is something else—with all your clubmates waiting for you, there is no chance to procrastinate rowing ;))

Today, I benefited from the fact that almost everybody at work is enjoying their holidays, and that I am thus pretty free to work whenever I feel like it. (Which, according to my inner clock, happens to be from around noon to late evening/night time.) Usually, I get to work somewhat earlier, but today was different. I had actually scheduled a little run yesterday evening, but had only gotten home by 9:30 pm, starving, and had a (slightly too rich) dinner instead. I then had the best intentions to run in the early morning (and had even set my alarm clock to 6:30 am, which, admittedly, is a crazy time to get up). I had even slept in my running clothes to make it easier for me; but my body won by ignoring the alarm. So I got up by nine, slightly annoyed at myself for having overslept, and pondering about how I might better integrate my runs into my schedule.

This was when I broke out of the pattern—if there is pretty much no one at work, I have no appointments in the morning, and can do the things I have to do whenever and wherever I want, why shouldn’t I run in the late morning instead? And that’s what I did: a short 4.7k at the stadium (with a great number of students around, who were following their PE lessons more or less—rather less—enthusiastically). Because I’ll go rowing tonight and still have some work to do over the day, I didn’t want to make it too long, and the distance proved optimal. Even the sun came out 🙂

In other words, I spent a perfect morning by breaking out of my routines. And it was totally worth it.

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