Why Walking Is Not a Shame

Monday was the hottest day since long. But nevertheless, I felt like running—I had recently discovered that we are quite close to the Midland Canal here and definitely wanted to see it!

It even looked like rain and thus a little cooling … but this was not the case. Instead, I ran the 4.1k to the canal courageously (along a freshly manured field, ugh). As it was a national holiday, there were quite a lot of people in and out of the water, who probably considered me a total nutcase. I didn’t even know that swimming was allowed there (but maybe it wasn’t ;)). At that stage, I really felt like diving into the cool water!

Anyway, I still had some mileage to do. And. Boy. It. Was. Hot. And moist. And pretty exhausting, so that I had to lie down under a tree. It was a good idea to take a break early—I really didn’t feel like dying from heatstroke far away from civilization 😉 But after a little relaxation, I felt much better already. Nevertheless, after another kilometer, I was really too exhausted to go on. So I walked home, and I guess that was a good decision.

  • Distance: 8.2k
  • Time: 1:15h including breaks and walking
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