Running Between the Rains

It’s a rainy may. (I’m sure they said this before the deluge came, too.) So in case you want to run and not get totally wet: Be quick. Whenever the rain ceases, seize the opportunity!

That’s what I did today. It had been raining about all day, but after some mindwork I was definitely not able anymore to think straight. What better thing to do than go for a run? 🙂 So when the rain became a little less dense, it was time to get going. I ran across roads, trails, even through the forest without any trail for a little while (until my legs got so scratched and my speed so slow in thigh-high grass and thorns that I decided to get back to the road). And during the entire hour, there was not a single raindrop! (It was a little misty, but that was the only moisture there was in the air.)

Before the end, I added four speed intervals of about 20 seconds. I noticed that I don’t recover that quickly from them; but considering that this was my first out-of-the-comfort-zone training since a long time, that’s perfectly fine. Anyway, I find it surprising how fast you can still run after almost an hour!

Time: about 60 minutes

Distance: if Google is not mistaken (btw, I’d be happy about alternatives), 8.1 k

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