Running Without Socks

… is something you should get used to slowly. Unfortunately there was no time for careful, long-term preparation when I noticed last weekend that I had no additional socks with me. Anyway, the sun was beautiful, and going for a run was way too seductive! 🙂

I might even have put on a pair of my fiancĂ©’s regular socks, but because they are slightly too big, I usually get blisters when wearing them for running. As if that would have made a difference. Muahahahaha. Experience tells us that once you notice you are developing a blister, it is usually too late. (At least, that was what my experience was trying to tell me. But I, running and jumping carelessly in the beautiful spring sunshine like a new-born deer, I totally ignored it.) In addition, Murphy tells us that once you have developed a blister, it will tear open when you’re farthest away from home. Unfortunately, Murphy is always right. And if I say always, I mean ALWAYS.

The way back was a challenge for my zen indeed—luckily, it was a short run. But it’s funny—once you realize that you have to go home somehow even though your Achilles tendon is an open wound (or rather, both of your Achilles tendons are) and that no matter what you do, it won’t get any better, you are able to ignore the pain. So I just ran on, and it was almost enjoyable. After a while, you get into a trance-like state (at least I do) where it doesn’t hurt any more. So although the heelcaps of my running shoes looked as if something had died a violent death in there, I felt all right. And after disinfecting the wounds and putting some band-aids over them, no after-effects were to be noticed—I even did my next run two days later.

Nevertheless, kids, don’t try this at home. Get your feet used to running without socks if you tend to develop blisters. Or have at least enough band-aids handy 😉

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