Back to Exercise

Summer is finally coming, and so blogging about exercise is fun again! 🙂 A brief overview over the last months:

  • I started a blog on art, style, and fashion.
  • I spent two months in the USA—and enjoyed it a lot!
  • While there, I cycled about 700k. Apparently, only Germans are crazy enough to bike in freezing conditions!
  • The icy temperatures were one reason why I did not have any chance to row. The Princeton Uni rowing team probably died laughing when they read my email in February asking them whether I could row with them, with about 20 cm of ice on Lake Carnegie 😉
  • Because cycling in the New Jersey hills was pretty much exercise enough, I only made one alibi run along Lake Carnegie (but admittedly a very nice one!).
  • While I was away, the rowing season began. By now, I have rowed twice (18k altogether), last Tuesday and the Thursday before that.
  • Also, I have made two runs since my return by the end of April—one in the Lübbecke area, where my fiancé is currently directing an open-air play, last Saturday, and another one today. The weather is amazingly beautiful!
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