Running with People You Like

My boyfriend had a surgery on his leg—an inflammation of the tissue next to the shinbone, which had to be cut open and cleared of strange stuff that had accumulated in there (I’ll spare you the sinister details). On that occasion, I learned that such a wound cannot simply be sewed, but that is has to heal from the bottom up in order to avoid further inflammation. You can imagine that the healing process took REALLY long, and that he was certainly unable to run in the meantime.

But Saturday was finally the day! I had gone to the rowing club in the early afternoon to see if anyone was around, and I did a nice easy 9k training unit with the “old boat” (the oldest regatta boat, with an average age of 60++). So doing another training unit afterwards was not too tough, especially because we took it easy—it was his first training since weeks, so there is no need to exaggerate. All in all, we enjoyed a nice and slow 5k in beautiful weather, and it was a really good experience. I am very glad he is better again, and I am looking forward to many more nice autumn, winter, spring and summer runs with him 🙂


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