Regatta Time!

Our goal-oriented training has come to an end: we finished the regatta on Saturday with respectable success! 🙂

It was really exciting. I had hardly slept the night before and was really full of adrenaline when we met at the boat house. Our coach took each of us aside to give us some last suggestions. For me, it was not to raise my hands too high when I pull the sculls towards me and not to get distracted: “Keep your eyes in the boat!”

Our start was at 11:40 a.m., and when the bell rang, we went off at a strong, yet calm pace. It’s a long-distance regatta of 4k, with a turn after 2k. All boats make flying starts at about 2-minute intervals, and the one that followed us was quite strong; but we didn’t let this discourage us! The way to the buoy was quite hard, as the waves from the ship traffic were a little difficult to handle. Our turn was not the greatest either ;-), but we managed without bigger mistakes. I was really focused, so everything that happened outside is somewhat blurred. Besides the waves and the turn, I remember one club mate following us on a bicycle, but not much besides that …

On the second half of the way, the boat following us was getting stronger, finally trying to overtake us. We rowed really, really hard, and when we arrived at the bridge at a couple 100m from the finish, I heard our coach yell: “You won’t let them overtake you, will you!!!” (I am not exaggerating the exclamation marks!)

And we didn’t! 🙂 So overall, the regatta was quite a success in many respects:

  • Neither of us drowned.
  • The boat came back in one piece.
  • We did not make any bigger mistakes.
  • We were better tuned in to each others’ rhythm than ever before.
  • We did not let the following boat overtake us.
  • We were faster than the boat last year.
  • We managed to finish under 18 minutes (17.47.3, to be precise).
  • And we were the fastest boat of the club! 🙂

I am absolutely certain this was not my last regatta. I had a lot of fun, and there are still many things we can improve. And the cake buffet was excellent 🙂


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