Perfect Splits

After a painful post-regatta Sunday, I dared a little exercise today. Currently, I am on holiday at my boyfriend’s place, with a forest nearby. It was a beautiful autumn day, and so I decided to go for a little easy run to enjoy the sunshine, the smell of the forest, and the remaining warmth, which I am trying to conserve for the long winter days soon to come!

And it was really worthwhile. During the last weeks, I have sometimes been sad and stressed out; today, I noticed again how relaxing running is. It is no more another strenuous activity where I want to prove myself, but rather some sort of meditation, with no one there but myself (and some occasional dog walkers or cyclists). And beautiful birds! I saw a Eurasian jay (there are two of them living in my garden, too—my boyfriend baptized them Rosencrantz and Guildenstern) and even a black woodpecker, which I have never seen before! First, I mistook it for a crow, but when I saw it sitting on the tree’s stem, it was clear it was a woodpecker. It ran around the stem in order to hide from me; but on my way back, I could hear it knocking on the trees.

Speaking of the way back: I had taken the time just to have an orientation (we wanted to buy some stuff, and my boyfriend had to work in the evening), and my splits were as perfectly even as can be. My way there took my 20:42:87 minutes, my way back … 20:42:87 minutes! 🙂 Overall, I guess it was a slow 5.5k—but a very relaxing one.

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