Post-Exercise Treats, Part 5: Thai Food Fantasies

I had a free sunday last week; and because the weather was fine, I decided for a cycling trip! My bike has been repaired and works smoothly again now, so it was about time for the two of us to go out for a longer distance than the way to the rowing club and back!

So I took my watering pack, a couple of snack bars, and a tasty carbohydrate gel (from the free trial pack), plus my mobile and train ticket just in case, and off we went! It turned out to be my longest bike trip of the year: I turned around after 32k, having discovered a really beautiful route all along the river.

The way back was tough, though. I had one muesli bar left and tried to postpone eating it as long as possible, filling my stomach with water and counting on my endurance. I had seen some blackberry bushes and wanted to take an early dinner break near them, enjoying both the fresh berries and the bar. The berries were no longer at their best—some of them had gone a little mushy already—, but they were still juicy and very sweet. I ate about two handfuls of them along with the muesli bar to brazen myself for the remaining distance. I guess my energy supplies were really quite low, because I started fantasizing about … FOOD!

I think it is really cool how your body tells you exactly what you need when you are under strain. My fantasy was about tofu curry from my favorite Thai takeaway, which is just a couple of minutes from my apartment; so when I arrived, I treated myself to what must have been the best Thai curry I have ever eaten. Along with a well-made whodunnit on TV, it was a perfect evening after cycling 64k on a perfect day 🙂

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