Autumn Intervals

There’s no longer denying it, despite the still beautiful sunshine: autumn is there. It became obvious last week on the misty river, when I rowed in a single racer for the first time. So the day before yesterday was my first autumn run. My boyfriend had to work for about three hours, and I wanted to use the time for a little run. It maybe wasn’t the smartest organization to have a huge lunch (delicious Indian food, very generous portion sizes) right before, so I waited for about an hour and a half; but when my stomach refused to shrink, I decided to run nevertheless, and maybe take it a little easier. As we are currently training for our regatta at the end of the month, I haven’t run much this month, and especially no strenous runs; but rowing is No. 1 priority at the moment, and that’s perfectly fine.

As I have now found the entrance to the forest near my boyfriends house and do not have to hop and skip through brushwood, thorns and small trees any more, it already began quite nicely. But it got even better: MUD!! I love mud, and that is one thing I particularly love about autumn. Dirt is great, and so is jumping into puddles—at least if the temperature is warm and you do not have to run long distances in wet shoes and socks. Which was the case today 🙂

Streaked with mud, I came to a small track (eventually leading into an industrial area) where I started some speed experiments. I want to become faster, and if there is but one rule to remember about getting faster, it is that you don’t get faster if you do not run faster from time to time! Five intervals of about 100–150m strewn in may be a small beginning, but definitely a beginning 🙂

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