Orange Glasses

Another very useful piece of gear, particularly for cycling, is a pair of sunnies with orange glasses. I had always wondered why people wear them—they sure look cool, but do they really filter the sunlight, transparent as they are?

Apparently, this is not the idea at all. What they do is to enhance contrast—which makes them extremely useful when cycling under cloudy conditions or at dawn! (And it is great how much sunnier the world looks ;-)) The sports sunglasses I bought have interchangeable glasses: transparent (just as a protection against wind and insects), dark (the classical sunglasses), and the mentioned orange glasses. At about 8 euro (purchased at a local coffee dealer), they were not even expensive—and I use them a lot.

I did some research on the Internet, and apparently, their ability to block the blue light spectrum (as the one emitted by televisions and computer screens) even improves sleep quality! Apparently, blue light suppresses melatonin, which reaches its highest level during sleep. Therefore, blocking what blocks what supports sleep should lead to better sleep (to express simple things in a complicated way, but you probably got it anyway). Guess what I am wearing right now in front of my laptop 😉

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