First Swim

Because I did not want to overdo running because of my lower leg, my boyfriend and I decided for something completely different yesterday: swimming! Something I hadn’t done for a long time, especially since I took up rowing. When I lived in Australia, I had a 50m olympic pool about one staircase down from my student dorm room and really swam a lot, but this was the only time in my life. I took it up for a couple of months again when I moved here, but the pool is really expensive (the regular fee is almost 5 Euro), so I focused on other types of sports and enjoy swimming occasionally.

And yesterday was the day! 🙂 My boyfriend (who is a really good swimmer) taught me some hints to improve my crawl, which may be beneficial to you, too (if you don’t know them already):

  • Match swimming speed and breath. This may sound funny, but I used to half drown while crawling, as my air supplies were frequently exhausted while I was in the middle of a stroke. So swim slower at the beginning. This also helps you practice your technique.
  • Put in your hand with your thumb first. While keeping your fingers together, cut the water with your hand. If you are wearing goggles, you can even observe the effect: Fewer bubbles mean less resistance.
  • Pull your hand through the water under your body in an S-shaped movement. Do not pull besides your body—this disturbs your streamline.

I was surprised at how these simple steps made crawling so much easier! Although I still prefer breaststroke, I will continue working on my crawling technique.


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